For over 40 years has been innovating recipes especially for you and your family. Designed with kids in mind we take great pride in our guaranteed quality and unique taste.

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The Kinder Story

Today A well-respected and loved global brand.

Today, the Kinder brand is well-known all across Europe and is expanding rapidly around the world, recognised for variety, quality and creativity of its products. Built on over 40 years of history, Kinder remains a forward looking brand, confident that its core values remain relevant. Our mission is to bring moments of joy everyday for you and your family.

1990 Bueno – crispy chocolate covered wafer with a creamy hazelnut filling.

In the 90’s, Michele Ferrero created an innovative new product, Bueno: an indulgent treat with a unique combination of taste and texture to be enjoyed.

1976 Kinder Chocolate with Cereals

New to the UK in 2013 this was first launched in 1976 in Italy, and is now present in over 40 different countries. Kinder Chocolate with Cereals offers a unique taste and texture experience, thanks to its distinctive ingredients.

1974 Kinder Surprise Is Born

In 1974, the iconic Kinder Surprise was launched. All children love chocolate, playing games and discovering new things. And so, the concept of an egg with a surprise toy could represent a special joy filled moment to be shared together.

1968 The Kinder revolution: more milk, less cocoa.

By the late 60’s, mothers in Italy became more focused with nutritional information, and kids became more selective about what they liked to eat. Michele Ferrero, the creator of the Kinder brand, took these two factors to heart and came up with the perfect balance – the Kinder Chocolate bar is made especially for children because it has more milk, less cocoa to give the Kinder Chocolate taste children love and is individually wrapped in small portions to assist with portion control.

The events described in this timeline refer to the global history of Kinder