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All Kinder products contain milk; whether it is pasteurised or powdered, whole milk or skimmed.

Pasteurised milk undergoes very little in the way of treatment. After the milking, the cooling, the collection in the stables and the transportation, the milk is analysed and placed in a centrifuge to regulate the fat content. It is then pasteurised at 75°C for just few seconds and cooled once again. This heat treatment keeps the milk fresh, while also providing a safe food product that is free from harmful bacteria.

Powdered milk is produced from fresh milk that has been pasteurised. The water content, around 87%, is then removed. The process occurs in two phases. Firstly, the fresh milk is concentrated, but is still liquid. In the second, the milk concentrate is put into contact with very high temperature air which causes the water content to evaporate completely, giving powdered milk. The milk is then used as soon as possible to maintain the freshness that sets Ferrero products apart from others.

Here at Kinder we know how versatile milk can be and so we use it in a number of other forms too, each with its own qualities and each making its own contribution to Kinder's unique taste and now famous high quality. The milk derivatives we use in a number of our recipes are:

Kinder selection and quality control

Milk is one of the main secrets of success of the unique taste that is typical of Kinder products and each recipe makes use of it in the form most suitable to provide the particular flavour we look for. The high content of fresh pasteurised milk is the distinguishing feature of our "chilled" product line, a big category of Kinder products (Kinder Milk Slice, Kinder Pinguì, Kinder Maxi King, Kinder Choco fresh and Kinder Paradiso) that are sold in some European Countries, and gives them their unmistakable freshness. While both whole and skimmed milk powders provide all of our products with that milky flavour that makes them so special.
Whey plays a role in ensuring delicate flavours and soft textures in some popular Kinder products, such as Kinder Bueno White and Kinder Happy Hippo among the snacks.

Milk is a vital ingredient for us as it makes Kinder products unique in their flavour and product quality, and so highly appreciated the world over. For this reason, we only select milk from areas where its production is a speciality. We carefully select suppliers that are trustworthy and capable of consistently guaranteeing flavour, high quality produce, food security and, above all, freshness. The suppliers choice is so strict that only around 30 dairies in the world have become Kinder long-lasting partners. Kinder has established a special relationship with these partners, involving them in projects of continuously improving the quality of milk they produce.
The controls made on our milk are stricter than the normal controls required by law. Indeed, Kinder makes further analyses to guarantee the level required by Kinder Quality standards.
Kinder suppliers are also involved in the maintenance of high quality standards. Our suppliers of powdered milk are committed in producing it within 48 hours from the liquid milk delivery at their dairies. Finally, Kinder processes the powdered milk in a much shorter time than is usually recommended.
There is a very simple reason for all this; our daily and integral goal is to ensure that we maintain all the goodness of such a delicate and precious resource as milk for all to enjoy, especially children.

Did you know?

The nutritional content of milk varies hugely from mammal to mammal. The percentages of lipids, proteins, vitamins and dietary minerals are specific to the needs of the young animal. For this reason milk represents for all the mammals the first food of life, the most complete and, therefore, its nutritional qualities are particularly appreciated.

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