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Sold and eaten throughout the world, hen eggs are a truly precious food and one that plays a central role in the most diverse culinary traditions the globe has to offer. Eggs are highly effective emulsifiers and coagulants and help ingredients to mix effectively while adding flavour and colour to any recipe.

Kinder selection and quality control

The characteristics and quality of this ingredient are the heart and soul of both Kinder's bakery and some Kinder chilled products. They are fundamental to give our sponges their distinctive colour, fragrance and consistency. They are so important to our products that selection criteria are extremely rigid. We only buy eggs from specialised European and American farms that can guarantee freshness, while  the care and treatment of the animals, transport and packing are constantly monitored. All our eggs are from no-cage farms where the hens move freely. That is how important the animal welfare is to us here at Kinder.

Did you know?

The egg is a symbol of fertility, birth, rebirth and life: in ancient Egypt it was considered as the hub of the four elements of the universe, while the tradition of offering chicken eggs at the beginning of Spring dates back to ancient Persia. Pliny, the Roman writer of the first century, describes the tradition of burying red painted eggs in the fields to ward off evil influences and propitiate a good harvest. The egg is a highly symbolic element in many other cultures: in India and China the myth of the Cosmic Egg represents the primordial unity of being, the perfection that precedes the separation of the elements and the birth of the universe.

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