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All grass plants whose seeds can be made into flours, that are particularly rich in carbohydrates, can be considered cereals. They are so fundamental to our diet that around 60% of all farmland is dedicated to their cultivation. The cereals we use in our recipes are:

Kinder selection and quality control

Cereals are key ingredients in many of our recipes, so it is very important to us that their selection, treatment and supply are done properly.
We choose the type of wheat flour according to the result we want to see. Those most suitable to being raised naturally are used for Kinder Pinguì and for the soft sponges in Kinder Milk Slice. Some other are ideal for the crispiness we look for in the wafers found in many of our products.
A great deal of thought, care and attention goes into our cereal blends. Five types of cereal are used in our Kinder Chocolate with Cereals: barley, rice, wheat, spelt and buckwheat. We have carefully studied the proportions of the blend and the toasting of each cereal to make sure our products give you that unmistakable Kinder flavour, aroma and crispiness.
When it comes to our ingredients even the treatment is important. We only buy our puffed grains, used in Kinder Chocolate with Cereals, from Italian suppliers that are specialised in the field. The grains are then toasted in our plants so we can be sure that they are just as crisp and as fragrant as we demand.
We buy our wheat from many countries around the world so we can guarantee the variety and quality of our flours. Our rice and barley come from Europe and Russia, our buckwheat from China, whereas our spelt only comes from Italy.

Did you know?

The Italian word for flour (farina) comes from the Latin "far", meaning farro. In fact, it was the first cereal to be ground or threshed by the ancient Romans until it became powder, or should we say "farina"!

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